Common desk


Natural ash / Natural ash
Beige laminate / Natural ash
White laminate / Natural ash
Grey laminate / Natural ash
Black laminate / Natural ash
Black ash/ Black ash
Black laminate / Black ash
  • Work desks, available in 6 sizes of tabletop, suitable for indoor use: home office spaces, offices, conference rooms, academic and public spaces.

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    • Tabletop - wooden board covered with natural veneers lacquered in natural or color
    • Base - solid ash lacquered in natural or stained color
  • L: 90, D: 65, H: 74
  • L: 120, D: 65, H: 74
  • L: 150, D: 65, H: 74
  • L: 120, D: 90, H: 74
  • L: 150, D: 90, H: 74
  • L: 180, D: 90, H: 74

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 4-9 weeks
We know it is bit long but as we produce from top quality materials in small local manufacturers we cannot promise to deliver it faster, but we promise - it´s worth waiting.


Common desks are made to keep you focused and productive in your home office space.

Designed and manufactured with plain and practical tabletop surfaces that are very easy to clean and maintain. Special cable management add-ons make all your charging cables invisible.

All our Common desks are customizable – choose your preferred colour, tabletop finish and size.

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120×65, 120×90, 150×65, 150×90, 180×90


Natural ash / Natural ash, Beige laminate / Natural ash, White laminate / Natural ash, Grey laminate / Natural ash, Black laminate / Natural ash, Black ash/ Black ash, Black laminate / Black ash