minimalism in design, doesn't mean
minimalism in choice

few is more.

our product and supporting tools are designed
 to ease your daily professional work. 

models at hand.

easy access to all our 3D models & design utilities in various file formats

minimalism doesn't mean lack of choice.

wide choice.

plenty of sizes and colours which will match any interior design


orders support

leave to us the delivery planning, updates and order’s related tasks


few. pro

Join few. pro – a network for interior designers, and distributors. Get tools which shall make your design process faster and smoother. As a active few, pro member, you’ll getting help and special customer support for having your business tuned. Let’s get in touch and check how we can help you!


Models & more

See our 3D models and textures database, product
fact and other supporting documents.

Always at hand – to help you